Summer is here! Girls and boys wanting to look good in everything from tube dresses, seersuckers and skimpy beachwear.

If you didn’t already know there’s one secret to looking fabulous and it’s always in season: confidence. Ena Macana, a Barcelona based design label not only offers exciting concepts in the form of accessories, but also allows her clients to affirm their confidence and be WOWed in orgasmic ways.

«Oh my god, wow, great,..ahhhhh….yessssss.» Macana tells us «sometimes I have the feeling that my studio-store is an orgy, it is a great pleasure to work like this, getting people excited even before they get dressed to go out».

Her vision intends to provoke a new point of view, one that asks to watch out for the small things, and dig deeper to find the inner beauty that’s you. Macanas unique pieces have multiple meanings and work with the morphology of second hand pieces, transformed toys, and iconic plastic charms from our childhood with funky chains and dressed-up headbands.

She currently has four collections; China, Toyboy, Readymades and Post-Vintage. Not only is every one of her pieces an original, but she also takes on special requests or works with your own object to turn it into your favorite new accessory.

View her work at the upcoming Changing Room event in Barcelona

T: Pascale Cardozo
F: Ena Macana


Journalist Editor in Chief and Founder of Rocket Magazine Barcelona Menswear Fashion since 2008

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