Pebelle is an aspiring textile designer from Austria, Vienna, who specialized in the field of hoisery.

She uses her own secret colouring-techniques to obtain beautiful and complex designs on the treated garment. Her customized products did draw attention lately by Elle UK-magazine (check their may-issue), everybody´s favourite underground band “Fan Death” are wearing her creations as well and now there´s already a rumour going on about Kelly Osbourne sporting some funky Pebelle-tights… Reason enough to make a quick interview with the busy designer from Walzertown.

Hello Pebelle!
What kind of fashion do you find inspiring?

I love the mix of Vintage styles with new items. A minimalistic style topped up with cool accessoiries is another style I find very inspiring. But I do find inspiration everywhere. Watching people on streets, market places or other urban areas as much as beeing surrounded by nature.

What movie you would like to see your tights/stockings worn in?
I def. think that a Tim Burton Movie could do good with my designs, my designs are quirky and so are his films. But mostly proud would make me a movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the maker of Amelie, yes, that would be great.

What music or bands inspire you?
I am a typical child of the German 80’s Wave area, this is still a big influence, Post Punk is the sound I like, even a lot of modern bands I listen to have this touch.
But I also like to discover new bands, myspace is a good source for that. Fan Death are def. a hit and I love the fact that they love my tights – recently I listen to Deerhoof a lot, they kind of remind me of Pizzicato Five a bit. I’d love to get their singer to wear one of my leggings, maybe I write to her.

Do you have a favourite fashion-artist?
This is a hard question for me – it’s easier to say who’s designs I do not like but I won’t do that out of respect. There are many designers out there and I try to stay free from influences and try to settle for my own ideas. I do love Gareth Pugh, I think he is a real ARTIST and his designs are like sculptures.
I also like Emma Bell a lot, I had the honour to work with her and since then we are friends, I think her way of working is so close to mine, we are both going our own ways in what we do. I often feel like an outcast in this fashion scene but I kind of love it.

A book you recommend?

Well, I love reading and could mention hundrets…..but to pick one spontaniously: «The curious incident of the dog in the night time» by Mark Haddon, kind of a murder mystery novel, but the narrator is an autistic boy. Very touching.

How important is Vienna as a city for your work? Could you imagine living elsewhere and if yes, where and why?
I love Vienna and I think that the beauty of this town in all of it’s four seasons is a big source of inspiration for me.But it is also a SLOW country I live in and whenever I feel frustrated about it beeing too traditional, old-fashioned of just simply the grumpy people that live here I start to think I want to live somewhere else.
In this dreams, LA is often the destination, I have been there twice last year and meet so many nice, cheerfull and open-minded people. The neverending sunshine is another plus.
But then I think back about what a social paradise I live in, no matter how little money you have, Austria still provides a high standard of live for everyone. I wouldn’t wanna swap.

Do you have a certain dream/vision regarding your fashion?
Well I dream about creating an own complete clothing line, but I am more a textile designer than a fashion designer, so the cuts would always stay simple and give the textile designs the chance to stick out.
And of course I dream of creating a HUGE HOSIERY imperium myself.

Good luck with that, Pebelle and thanks for your time!

T: Tibor Sedlak



Journalist Editor in Chief and Founder of Rocket Magazine Barcelona Menswear Fashion since 2008

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