If you are one of those who believe that sports and fashion does not go together, I interview Nick Youngquest professional rugby player and now model.

Nick talked a little about him, how has been his experience modeling and we were so lucky that he even shared a few tips to keep in shape.

In EXCLUSIVE we present the fashion film especially made for Rocket Magazine shoot by the amazing Bell Soto special thanx to David Todd from DT model management.

Nick, we would love to know the secret for being in shape.

I workout a lot! Being from a sporting background, I really enjoy working out and staying in shape. I generally train everyday, a lot of weight training and cardio, and also I do yoga once a week too. I’m lucky to have an awesome trainer and together we design my programs to stay in shape. We also share some programs etc on twitter (Mine: Nick_Youngquest and Dean Jamiesons:@djamo86) so people should check them out! Also, to compliment my hard work in the gym I have a fairly strict diet, although one day a week I eat whatever I like, its like a reward for training so hard!

Sports and modeling are very opposite. What made you start in the fashion industry?

Yes, they are totally different industries so its awesome for me to experience the modelling world and work with, and meet a lot of really cool, and sometimes crazy people! When I was playing sport I did a lot of charity work in Australia. One of those was a calendar for breast cancer and that’s where David Todd saw my pictures. He signed me almost 6 years ago now and I am really lucky to have him look after me, him and the team at DT Model Management out in LA do an amazing job!

How was your first shooting?

My first shoot was cool. I guess I was a little nervous, but that’s like doing anything new for he first time I guess. Now I am much more relaxed and just enjoy working with the amazingly talented people I get to work with.

Favorite labels?

I am obsessed with John Varvatos, I love his collections. I also love Nudie Jeans and I’m always wearing them.

Is there any designer or photographer you would like to collaborate with in the future?

As I mentioned I am obsessed with John Varvatos, so I’d love to work with him. I would really love to work with Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca and Mariano Vivanco, I have known them for a few years now but it has been hard to arrange to shoot, but now that I am in New York full time I hope we can shoot sometime soon. They are so talented and I love their work so it will be amazing to work with them.

nick youngquest   FINAL_MG_9192 copyFLAT copy

NICK fINAL 1 copy FINAL collage_MG_9243 copyFLAT copy

Kali Gv is the Rocket Magazine corresponsal in The United States, Fashion and Style Expert.

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