The wives of sailors took the stage on María Escoté’s collection.

The loneliness, the desire and the strength of these women took over the runway to knit stories of abandonment and redemption. María Escoté navigates through the colours of the sea through calmess and storms.

Her collection presents pastels and deep blacks taking you deep into the sea and deep into the souls of lonely women. A lot of soft leather, stretchy textile and above all lots of naked skin. Escoté surprised the audience with her feminine cuts and the wild mixture of materials. Short skirts, skinny tops and catsuits lead the focus to the main characteristics of the female body.

A lonely wife is suffering, missing her sailor husband. It hurts like neddles hurt in the heart. She has used safety pins to dress herself as way to keep herself and her family together. The theme of pain and togetherness is a prominent symbol within the collection , expressed constantly with the pins and the suffering and strength throughout the collection.

María Escoté has designed a weapon for women against forgiveness.No me olvides. «Do not forget me.“ It is loud and clear in big letters on a golden belt. Her pieces are full of sensuality and a heat that is unusual in the Austrian capital. But the Viennese welcomed the warmth with a bit of surprise and embraced the sailor´s wives of María Escoté .


MARÍA ESCOTÉ: I am fine. A little bit nervous, but excited about the fashion show tonight. The fitting was ok and the models are very nice and gentle.

RM: What was your first impression of Vienna?
ME: I like a lot. It reminds me a little on Amsterdam. I think it is very modern and open. And the young people are tranquilla.

RM: What is your impression about the Vienna Fashion Week, so far?
ME: They are very professional for the 2nd time. Vienna is good organized. They take care of the designer.

RM: How did you get the invitation for the fashion week?
ME: I was invited from the Spanish embassy.

What is your collection about?
ME: It’s about the lonesome women of the sailors, who raise up the children on their own and have lovers. Strong women.

RM: How do you reveal this topic in your fashion in your clothes?
ME: It’s not visible in the clothes. The story is too big for being transformed into the clothes.

RM: Is it the philosophy behind your current collection?
ME: The only direct link to the story is the sentence „Don’t forget me“, which is written on some accessoires like metal belts. But some clothes also have prints which refer to the praying and mourning women of the sailors.

RM: What are the main colours and materials?
ME: The garments show the changing colours of the sea during day and night: On the one hand I use pastels, gold and black. Like in the sunshine: orange, gold, blue, purple. And on the other hand I take dark colours to show the loneliness of the women in the night, like blue or black. As materials I mainly use leather and stretch.

RM: What do you expect from your show at Vienna fashion week?
ME: I can present my clothes in a showroom. Everything is very well organized. For me it’s a good opportunity to show my work abroad. It is my first fashion show out of Spain. I want to take the chance to get the know Vienna and to meet people.

RM: For what kind of people do you design your fashion?
ME: For all kind of women. Most of my clients are from the fashion and entertainment business in Madrid.

T:Maria Falkner+Sabina Muriale
F:Marcel Koehler
Corresponsales y Fotógrafo de Rocket Magazine en Viena.

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