Rowan Newton isn’t a graffitier but graffity is one of his tools. Rowan isn’t a woman but women is what he draws. Rowan isn’t an emotional person but a wide variety of emotions is flowing inside his paintings.

His work is full of portraits of strong and confident girls that have nothing to hide of, not even their body. Now he is the one showing. And the Vamos, esto va de ilustración exhibition in Lanzarote (Spain) is the place where he will stripped his soul until 23th July.

By Ana Veiga.

Rocket Magazine: Every colour expresses a feeling. But your painting is not just about one colour. In fact, it is amazingly colorful. Are you a emotional person?

Rowan Newton: I don’t really know if I’m emotional person, but yes I’m wanting to convey emotion in the paintings with the colours I’m using. For example, I want to empower the women I paint and hopefully with the bright bold colours I do that.
Usually, I paint my figures in yellow, orange and red because these are warm inviting colours. I want to paint what I see and when I look at people, these are the colours I see in their skin. I might brighten up their clothes but otherwise these are the colour I feel around myself.

RM: Talking about women, they are one of the main topics in your drawings. Which is the concept behind these drawings?
RN: I want to convey strong, confident women. Women who are at ease in their environment. Colours are bright and strong to give the women this feeling. The women are bold, loud, confident women who are comfortable with themselves, and to be themselves.

RM: How would you describe your style?
RN: My style is bright and colourful paint work, with added sprayed dribbles and finished with a unique use of line.

RM: Would you define yourself as an artist?
RN: Yes I believe I’m an artist. I live and breathe it. Ever minute of my day is based around art. I paint and draw constantly.

RM: Why did you become an artist? 
RN: It was quite a natural process. Seven years ago, I had moved into a large flat in London and decided to create some paintings to go on the walls. It went from there. At that time, I just painted for my own pleasure but people saw my work and liked it. My friends told me a should do something with it. So I decided to exhibit and the response was great.

RM: As far as I’m concerned, you rejected being described as a grafittier.
RN: Spray paint is just a medium I use to paint with. As well as acrylic paint and marker pens. My career however did not start by painting on the streets using solely spray cans. I’m still not sure how to define my work. It’s modern art, illustrative art or maybe Urban Art, I feel no need to label it. It’s art.

RM: Nowadays, you are showing some of your pieces at the Vamos, esto va de ilustración exhibition in Lanzarote (Spain). Do you think art works much better when you have the exoticism of being a foreign painter?
RN: I don’t think it’s any different which country it’s exhibited in. It’s about how the audience connects with the work.

RM: In this exhibition, you are sharing space with another artists. Have you seen your partners’ work? 
RN: Yes, I have met the other artists involved and have seen their work. It’s fantastic, very inspiring stuff. I really like Theo Firmo’s work, for its simplicity. Very intricute beautiful drawings.

RM: Do you think your work and your fellows’ one have something in common?
RN: Yes, all the work involved in the show has its foundations in illustration. That is the connecting theme through out the work. But also the work is very different from each other which is great. Each style of work has its own space to breathe. It show the wide scope of ideas and styles that can be achieved with illustration.

RM: You have painted a piece in the Spanish gallery while the audience was checking how you created. Nevertheless, most artist prefer to create alone. Has the audience influenced this painting?
RN: Yes, being watched and having the pressure of producing work in a set time influences the work. But that is not a bad thing. It’s a interesting experiment really. The audience help create a certain energy to the final piece.

For attending this exhibition, you can go to:
Vamos, esto va de ilustración
Sala La Ermita de San Antonio
Avenida Central s/n. Tías, Lanzarote
Until 23th July, 2011

For further information:

F: Raúl Mateos
T: Ana Veiga
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