Diesel Black Gold’s FW13 collection imagines a psychedelic rock band on a world tour – not just of our world, but of other worlds too. We call it The Cosmic Tour. The pieces refer to Jimi Hendrix’s legendary flamboyant style while weaving in futuristic and astrological influences.

The overall tone is dressy and hedonistic, with plenty of contemporary rock chic and a dash of other-worldly eccentricity. Silhouettes are both dandyish and military, embracing sharp cuts and metallic buttons.

As you’d expect, color is all-important, ranging from black, grey and white to navy, mauve, deep purple, graphite, military green, antique gold and faded violet, along with strong accents of grass green.

The Cosmic Tour mood is perfectly expressed by our typographic tees: an ironic and updated version of the classic tour T-shirt, but in a far fancier incarnation than usual.

Other graphic elements reflect and enhance the theme of the collection. The first of these is the hexagon, which our experts inform us symbolizes the planet Saturn, said by astrologers to influence the mood and creativity of artists and musicians.

The second element is paisley, the ancient Indian textile design appropriated during the Sixties by artists with an interest in eastern spirituality. Here it has been given a new twist with the incorporation of stars, planets and unidentified flying objects, all referring to our theme of cosmic travel.

These graphic elements also serve to divide the collection into two different moods: geometric (the hexagon) and organic (paisley). These two sides appear in abstract and all-over prints, jacquard, embroidery, laser effects and even the construction of the garments themselves.

T: Rocket Team vía Algobonito
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