This season, Y-3 continues the celebration of its 10th anniversary by looking forward to a future looking back on its past. The Y-3 Autumn/Winter campaign, with photography by Robbie Fimmano and creative direction by Lloyd & Co, speaks to the bold energy at the brand’s core.

The concept is “future thrift,” and it imagines how coming generations might mix elements of technology and tradition. Shot and filmed in an abandoned warehouse on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, strong colors and textured graphics highlight the product as focal point in the images and in the season’s mood video.

Via print, in-store display and supplementary materials, the collection’s campaign, styled by Jay Massacret and featuring models Josephine Le Tutour (The Society Management) and Wojtek Czerski (Soul Artist Management), communicates a streamlined, natural confidence.

Yohji Yamamoto, the label’s designer, described an act of “walking backward into the future,” suggesting a unique, non-linear idea of time passing.

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