Brian Lichtenberg nos encanta, y con cada colección nos provoca querer tomar el primer avión con destino L.A. y regresar a Barcelona con maletas llenas.

Su última colaboración ha sido el estilismo de la portada del grupo Peaches, de su álbum más reciente «I feel cream». Está imparable y nos alegra que los jóvenes diseñadores se hagan un hueco en el mercado de la moda, cada vez más competitivo y monopolizado por holdings; es todo un logro y del bueno.

No hay todavía un punto de venta en Europa, todo es a través de su página en internet.

A continuación la entrevista en el número NOIR de Rocket Magazine.

Thank’s Brian!

The Briangular Effect

With Lichtenberg’s style, we are not talking about 90210 and the west coast stereotype; we are dealing with truly geometric work, indie electroshock scenario, and futuristic hologram leggings to die for. His career is growing up like a thunderbolt dressing stars from M.I.A to Miley Cyrus to Juliette Lewis with one factor in common: the unique style of Brian Lichtenberg. After a total success closing the runways of City of Los Angeles Fashion Week, the designer talks exclusively for Rocket Magazine in a close-friendly interview.

RM: This summer is going to be nine years, since you started as a fashion designer. Now you’re L.A. based, tell me, how’s your own brand evolved?

BL: When I first started out I was just making whatever I wanted, any idea that came into my head, now it’s a little more structured and I have collections, projects, etc.

RM: Fashion and Music, you and artists have developed a strong bond, M.I.A., Santogold, Kate Perry, Zac Efron, Lady Gaga, Sam Sparro, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce, Tell us about the experience?

BL: It wasn’t until recently I started going after musicians that I really wanted to work with and dress because I felt their aesthetic and look fit mine and after a while, I think my name got out there. Now I have artists contacting me, it’s a great feeling and I love being able to be a part of musicians I admire

RM: All bloggers and fashion journalists went crazy with your collaboration with T-shirt brand “Blood is the new black”, why you want to be part of it?

BL: It’s nice to design and have someone else produce it, since I’ve started most all of my things I have made or have needed to produce. And the t-shirt is such a basic item of clothing that I’ve never really dealed with although it is the most obvious

RM: How did you feel about exposing and playing with fashion icons in this collaboration?

BL: It was the theme for all the t-shirts for the collection, it’s a cool outlet to exercise all those ideas I have had over the years on brands I admire and appreciate like Balenciaga and Margiela.

RM: The leggings, the holograms, the colors and geometric patchwork, the futuristic look, became your trademark, after these, How would you define your work?

BL: I think it’s the collection or pieces that people started to become more aware of my work and aesthetic and they were more in the public eye, but my trademark look is angular or I call it Briangular shapes in bold, monochromatic-like colors together.

RM: What’s the inspiration for the SS 09 Collection?

BL: I was inspired by dirt bike racing outfits, motorcycle jumpsuits, mixed in with couture and lingerie elements like lace and also some s&m and bondage references like PVC and the bandage dress. In the end it was very geometric and sexy which is very Brian Lichtenberg :]

RM: Last December, Hedi Slimane took some photographs for his Fashion Diary, We saw some Brian Lichtenberg items on it. How did you meet?

BL: He actually shot a number of things of mine for the current issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, I actually contacted the stylist Nicola Formichetti, whom I am a big fan of. I’ve met Hedi a handful of times prior to that, he’s also a big inspiration of mine so the whole thing was amazing to me.

RM: Unisex items, what’s the next frontier for both wardrobes?

BL: Hopefully guys have more options with their wardrobe like girls are able to dress with wardrobe from both sexes, it would be interesting for guys to borrow more from women’s closet. Menswear can be so boring and stagnant.

RM: United States, Japan, Taiwan, are your thinking about European market?

BL: I would love to, I’m sure in the future

RM: What is your next project?

BL: More collaborations and custom fits for artists like Peaches, Yelle, Sam Sparro, Lady Gaga and Ciara. I’m excited for Ciara and Peaches new albums, both have featured my work in their albums especially Peaches on the cover. Also I will be coming out with a sneaker and accessories with local brand Android Homme who do men’s street wear with a futuristic touch. Also more from local denim line Kill City.

T. Fernando Aguileta de la Garza


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