When “Screaming Females” hit the stage with their full-throttle fuzz rock at Vienna’s Rhiz a few days ago, the New Jersey power trio proved why they’ve spent the past year touring with bands such as “The Dead Weather” and “Arctic Monkeys”.

The center of this three-member DIY grunge-rock miracle is the dwarfish and bratty frontwoman Marissa Paternoster which reminds -based on her throaty voice, of a period when Riot Grrrls were big: the nineties! This New Brunswick gang of three just sound like “Sleater Kinney” meeting “L7” and early “Hole” jamming altogether with “J Mascis” in a dark and clammy basement.

Now it’s your chance folks to witness this journey back to the golden era of the Seattle Sound when Screaming Females devastate the city of Barcelona on the 25th of November at Cabaret Berlin and on the 26th of November at Marula Café. This band is -without exaggeration, absolutely fantastic!


Concierto Primavera Club
Screaming Females
Barilen 22, Barcelona.
25 Noviembre
26 Noviembre

T: Rainer-Georg Voggenberger
Rocket Magazine Viena
F: Screaming Female’s My Space


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