Paula is a Berlin born fashion designer who has had her own collection for five years. She is influenced by a background in fashion, hat and costume design, as well as dance studies.

How did you become a designer?
I started sewing and doing textile design when I was little and it all came quite naturally. I would sew clothes for my dolls and even get up early before school to continue. My mother was a graphic and textile designer and I use to play with her sewing machine and cut pieces of expensive fabric that she had laying around.

Your pieces seem to be for a dancer, tell me more about that…
Dancers are so conscience of their bodies. They are nonchalant, cool, and casual. I try to find this movement, this way of holding the body. The most important thing for me is that the body is never restricted. I would never put a woman in restricting armor. I am anti the tailor jacket and pencil skirt.

Which designers inspire you?
There are other designers that I admire, mostly because they are contradictory to what I do, but when I design it’s what I see that inspires me, my imagination. Materials are inspiring. I like textures, mixing them; soft with rigid materials; contradictions; mixing an interesting wool quality with silk.

What is your favorite piece in your closet?
Pants, always pants. Right now a pair that’s made of jersey, tight on the lower leg, small pleats on the waist and baggy. They are comfy and flattering for the leg.

Summer favorite
An oversized silk body in skin tones with fluid lines.

I want to continue what I do. The most fun is to be able to experiment, to have the freedom to create and receive recognition. To do something that matters, that has a meaning.

Paula Immich will be showing a sneak preview of her new summer collection 2011 during Berlin fashion week at her showroom/boutique in Brunnenstrasse 53, Berlin.


T: Pascale Cardozo


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