Tom Bull is our Coverboy in Rocket Magazine Barcelona, but Who is He? We discovered him on Pinterest and Tumblr and, since we saw his magnetic image we just died to work with him.

But since seeing his multiple editorials on the internet, grate campaigns, or checking his Instagram was not enough to get to know him more, we preferred to ask him all about this Australian Top Male Model.

Rocket Magazine: How old are you?
Tom Bull: I’m in my mid 20’s

RM: Where you from?
TB: Perth, Australia.

RM: How you became a model? Some agent found you or you arrive to the agencies?
TB: I was found when I was 18 playing semi-pro Australian football (youtube it!)

RM: What were your jobs before became a model? Did you were studying or working?
TB: I’ve always loved to work! I had my first job when I was 8 years old refereeing basketball. During secondary school I juggled jobs at Dominos and McDonalds! As I got a little older I got into cooking.
I worked at an Italian restaurant as a chef for 3 years, and then a laborer for 6 months!
I also studied full time, and thanks to a kick up the bum from mum, I managed to finish a business degree at the University of Western Australia in November 2010.

RM: For how many years now you are working as a model?
TB: I was signed with an agency in Perth while I was studying at university, but the jobs that ensued were mainly shopping centre parades in ‘dero’ parts of the city. I had a quick stint in Milan, Spain and London before making the move to NY in August 2011.

RM: Is hard for your family that you are model working around the world?
TB: It is, however, all of my family now have an excuse to travel more. Also, the rest of my family are rather attractive and they are now getting put on hold for family jobs shooting in the US! woo go Bull family!

RM: Do you know that you are a Pinterest/Tumblr phenomenon?
TB: I’m pretty sure 99% of the hits I get on the internet are by my mum showing her friends my photos, but thank you anyway for the compliment.

RM: You travels a lot, what do you thing is the hardest thing about your job?
TB: I have no answer, I think i’m the luckiest guy in the world.

RM: Fashion is something that not all the models enjoy, are you a fashionista or just like modeling?
TB: In Australia I didn’t wear shoes until I was 18, I had no idea what a shirt was, and just generally, hadn’t been introduced to the word style yet. Now i’m poppin out lingo like double monk strap shoes, double breasted jackets and half windsor ties!! To sum up.. yes, I am now a fashionista.

RM: Do you like Australian musicians? Are you more into Kylie, Tame Impala or Empire of the Sun?
TB: Ha! I’m a big fan of Empire of the sun and Tame Impala, also, David Dallas, Metallica and Drapht, just to name a few… Kylie.. not so much, BUT, she is a superstar!

RM: How is to live in New York for you? U Miss Australia?
TB: I absolutely love New York City. I booked a one way flight and have never looked back. One of the beauties of working in NYC, is that Australian fashion is backing me in, so, I go back to Australia at least 6 times a year!

RM: Do you like the term “Aussie”?
TB: I do like the term Aussie, however, yanks pronounce it wrong. It is pronounced OZZZEEEEE. If americans want a trick to say a few words with an australian accent, then try this. Say these words quickly- ‘Rise up lights’. This sounds like an australian saying ‘Razor blades’!

RM: What is your favorite Australian animal?
TM: Drop Bear!

RM: Uniqlo, Perry Ellis, Franklin & Marshall… What’s Next?
TB: I can’t tell you! Clients like being the first to release which model they use, so i’m not going to spoil anything!

RM: If you where a Marvel Comics Super Hero, what would you be?
TB: I’d probably make my own up, it’d be rude not to having a surname like Bull..

RM: Who is the fashion icon or designer you want to work for or meet?
TB: There’s some very iconic names which i’ve had the honour of working for, such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, which made memories ill cherish forever… also, I’m a big fan of multiple, up and coming designers such as Asaf Ganot, Ovadia and Sons, and Bespoken..

RM: Are you a typical Australian boy that loves to surf or you are more into indoor hobbies?
TB: As long as i’m doing an activity, i’m happy. I’ve surfed, skated, water skied, played a thousand different versions of ‘football’, rock climbing, golf..

RM: What’s the music that plays the most in your device? (iPhone, iPod, tablet)
TB: I don’t have any songs on my iphone at the moment as it’s very new. However, I live for music and constantly have the application pandora playing, and my general music stations are hootie and the blowfish, 80’s pop, west coast hip hop..

RM: Do you think that fashion is something superficial or a emotional state of mind? ¿What is fashion for you? TB: Wow, way to get deep on the last question! I think fashion is an outlet for people to express themselves.. If something makes you happy then why not indulge in it.

T: Viktor Garcia thanx Tom Bull for the Interview.
F: Laia Benavides for Rocket Magazine
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